Established in 1982, Kiko's Party Rental was opened in Hialeah, FL by Jose (Kiko) & Margarita Hernandez. After migrating to the United States of America from Cuba with their daughters Adela & Maite Hernandez, they immediately began working. Margarita worked as a Sewing Specialist at a Factory for a couple of years while Jose took on Construction. As a few years passed by the ambitious couple decided they wanted something greater, more profitable, not only to support themselves and their daughters but they also thought about a growing family. As the years passed on by and the girls grew and so did the family and most importantly the family's bond. Kiko's Party Rental has now been open for 33 years and counting. From Parents (Jose & Margarita) to Daughters (Adela & Maite) to Grand Daughters (Julissa & Melissa Romero) proudly serving YOU throughout all the years! Thank You all for your support and for allowing us to keep serving you and yours. Our customers are greatly valued and appreciated. God Bless.

-The Kiko's Family  

La Familia